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Additional Chapters:

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Table of Contents

Introduction and Definitions

D1. Mind
D2. Brain
D3. Mental Process and Mental Phenomenon
D4. Neural Circuit
D5. Neural Process
D6. Signaling Pattern
D7. Signaling State
D8. Information

Chapter 1. Theorem I: The Mind Coexists with the Brain
1.1 Physical Properties of the Mind and Mental Processes
1.2 Theorem I
1.3 Generalizations
1.4 Predictions
1.5 Remarks

Chapter 2. Theorem II: The Mind is the Composite of All Neural Information-Processing Processes
2.1 The Nature of the Mind and Mental Processes
2.2 Theorem II
2.3 Implications and Predictions
2.4 Remarks

Chapter 3. Qualia, Conscious Awareness, and Conscious Experience
3.1 Quale and Qualia: Definition
3.2 Phenomenal Characteristic and Phenomenality
3.3 Types of Qualia
3.4 Conscious Awareness and Conscious Experience
3.5 Unconscious Awareness
3.6 Conscious Awareness vs. Unconscious Awareness
3.7 Sensory Perception Qualia
3.8 Remarks

Chapter 4. Theorem III: Qualia are Physical Phenomena
4.1 Physical Properties of Qualia
4.2 Theorem III
4.3 Predictions
4.4 Remarks

Chapter 5. Theorem IV: A Quale is a Signaling Pattern
5.1 The Nature of Qualia
5.2 Theorem IV
5.3 Physical Effects of Qualia
5.4 Predictions
5.5 Remarks

Chapter 6. Consciousness
6.1 Consciousness: Definition
6.2 Other Definitions of Consciousness
6.3 Other Meanings and Related Terms
6.4 Other Aspects of Consciousness
6.5 Conscious Alertness and Awareness
6.6 Consciousness Neural Process and Circuit
6.7 Remarks

Chapter 7. Theorem V: Consciousness is a Signaling State
7.1 The Nature of Consciousness
7.2 Theorem V
7.3 Physical Effects of Consciousness
7.4 Predictions
7.5 Remarks

Chapter 8. The Explanatory Gap
8.1 The Information-Meaning Approach
8.2 The Point-of-View Approach
8.3 Remarks

Chapter 9. The Hard Problem of Qualia and Consciousness
9.1 The Essence
9.2 Qualia and Consciousness in Animals
9.3 Qualia and Consciousness in Computers and Robots
9.4 Consciousness after Conception
9.5 Remarks

Chapter 10. Additional Theorems: Theorems VI–X
10.1 Theorem VI
10.2 Theorem VII
10.3 Theorem VIII
10.4 Theorem IX
10.5 Theorem X

Extra Chapter I. Information
I.1 The Meaning and Definition of Information
I.2 Information Carrier
I.3 Information Content and Its Meaning
I.4 The Nature of Information
I.5 Information’s Effects and Semantic Information
I.6 How Information can Exert Effects
I.7 The Mechanism for Information to Mean Something
I.8 A Basic Feature of the Universe
I.9 Remarks

Extra Chapter II. Variable Qualia
II.1 Physically Originated Variable Qualia
II.2 Non-Physically Originated Variable Qualia
II.3 Summary
II.4 Remarks

Extra Chapter III. P-zombie
III.1 Philosophical Zombie
III.2 Physical Zombie
III.3 Remarks

Glossary, List of Abbreviations and Figures
About the Author

Additional Chapters:

> To freely download the PDF version of the whole theory, please click: Download the PDF version of the theory

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